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When you’re swimming in this swimming pool where grew some beautiful lilies flowers at the bottom, you may be thinking about as if swimming in the flowers. The combination of lilies and pools will give the swimmers multiple visual beautiful feeling, now we continue to talk about how to make these two elements pair together.

Flower Elements

With the proper landscape design and bottom pattern design, swimming pools will also complement the resort. Whether the resort’s owner wants to rebuild the existing pool or build a new one, this lilies flower pattern design inspiration will definitely make a splash. When it comes to lilies flowers, you might first image that the true plant surrounding the swimming pool. However, this project will let you see the different one:

beautiful resort swimming pool design with mosaic art

Design Before The Project Start

For example, no one wants to choose a bunch of surrounding natural plants just because they look beautiful, then plant all of them next to each other. At the end found to be futile, because you might find that the ones you plant in the front are bigger than the ones planted in the rear and it spreads out so far that crowds out everything around it. Therefore, every project needs a design before. Due to the finite space, it is impossible to get all kinds of flowers into the pool bottom design.

For this project drawing, we put a stunning lily flower at the kids swimming while three opening lilies flowers at the adult pool area. When looking at the details enlargement picture, you will find that the ruffling at the edges of each petal, which looks like the true lilies petals. Moreover, we mainly choose five blue tones: ocean blue, sky blue, light blue, middle blue and blue-white as the flower’s lace. The blue tones will become darker from the edge of the petal to the stamen.

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resort style swimming pool designs with lilies pattern

Factory’s Working

After receiving the design picture, according to the actual quantity required, our factory workers prepared the various porcelain mosaic. Each chip is 25x25mm size and high-quality. With glossy and glazed blue tones, the mosaic tiles make the whole pattern as natural as though they were living. Less than a week, the workers had already finished the half pattern of the adult swimming pool.

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swimming pool design tiles with wholesale factory price


About 20 days, our workers have finished the whole mosaic art and packed them well to delivery to the wharf. Recently, we received the customer’s photo of his swimming pool project. We’re so glad that he can share the whole resort’ pool and so happy that our unique lilies flower design make their resort outstanding! We will not stop our step to spread our love of pool mosaic art.

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hotel swimming pool for public

Get Any ideas?

Bluwhale Tile provides a one-stop service for any swimming pool projects worldwide and continues to create more good quality products to fit different style swimming pools. What’s more, we provide OEM & custom service and if you have any ideas, you can leave your comments below or contact us for samples!