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Backyard Swimming Pool With Triangle Pool Tiles

Here is a dreamy house located in the Cold Coast, Queensland, which will make you fall in love with the natural landscape. This dreamlike house, named The Lodge, recently has an annoyance about renovating the backyard swimming pool. What inspired it? It’s the Triangle Series! What will happen when Triangles Meet Swimming Pools? There is nothing quite like a before, during and after photo, to show how far something or somewhere has improved.

Full of Fallen Leaves Before

Before the renovation, this pool just looks more like a small pond rather than a relaxing summertime oasis. What’s more, it's surrounded by red concrete blocks and the green grass is growing through the cracks, which not only lacks any personality and attractiveness but also makes you feeling dingy and outdated.

The Previous Swimming Pool With Old Stone Pavers

Be Fresh, Be Glamour Backyard

Firstly, the workers drain clearly the whole water, and remove all the timeworn and sun-bleached mosaic from the pool and put the new modern pool tile. During this renovation, this pool is mainly using our Triangle Series Collection - Santorini Blossom TR-SA-BL. With the unique artistic pattern and the repeat blue tones flower pattern, these tiles can provide an amazing theme. Not only that, its glossy surface combines with the smooth edge, which can make the pool water looking more lively.

Moreover, they gut the red bricks and replace the old bricks with the smooth concrete floor. Secondly, they built a frame and prepare to step concrete stairs. And then, they tore down the old rusty fence instead of the natural texture rock blocks.

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antorini Triangle Blossom 2-inch Pool Tiles

Featured Product: Santorini Triangle Blossom 2" Pool Tiles, Blue Mix, TR-SA-BL

Adding Natural Vibes

Receiving a major overhaul, this hopeless pool turns the backyard into one the whole people who live in the lodge will enjoy. The remodeling of this backyard pool space uses the geometric pattern mosaic tiles to line the existing pool. What’s more, the premium tiles are paving on the pool ladders, which makes the pool more entertaining due to its classic and timeless look.

Swimming Pool Renovation Project

Moreover, the wonderful pool received some much need attention and the pergola beside the pool is the consummate spot to relax during a heat summer night. And the classic blue mosaic tiles would also visually add some coolness during the summer.

The Lodge is transformed from a spiritless little pond into an overly sunny backyard and full of holiday atmosphere. Furthermore, with regular carved print shapes, the wall likes hedges, made by concrete, provides privacy space.

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This Swimming Pool Mosaic Make The Water Looking More Clearer

Having Sunbath At Daylight

Green grass and plant make a dramatic trim for this gray concrete stair, as well as can inject vitality to the monotonous gray concrete material. The sunny yellow bolster paired well with the green cushion, and jocund ginger color swim ring combines well with the blue water accent, which creates an illusion that everyone, who plays in this backyard, feels like in the desert oasis.

The Attractive Pool With Premium Mosaic Tiles

Staying Cool At Night

The soft glow of exterior lights, which is surrounding the concrete wall, brighten this crystal clear pool. Setting off by this Santorini Triangle Blossom Swimming Pool Mosaic, the lovely pool looks like a sapphire, which particularly fits the pleasant Lodge. A stylish awning is built between the pool and the house door so that it can visually eliminate the divide between indoor and outside.

Just imagine that soothing music hanging and your ears, surrounded by the gentle sound of sea breeze, how cozy to stay in the minimalist white lounge chair whole the night.

The whole transformation process is posted on Instagram by the lodge, the owner is excited about sharing the photo of the renovation with us and showing high praise and satisfaction for our premium pool tiles.

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The Blue Tones Mosaic Tiles Combine Well With The Soft Light

Get Inspired?

Get inspired by the renovation project of the Lodge? Are you fascinated by this triangle collection? Wanna some pretty tile samples? Don’t hesitate to inquire us! Bluwhale Tile is getting ready to provide the best service for you. With over ten years of experience in manufacturing swimming pool tiles, we have established long business relationships with many customers from all over the world.